Sunday, July 12, 2009

Haida Gwaii

Just back from the Queen Charlottes with a sketch of this magnificent totem. Haida Gwaii means "Islands of the People".

I recently read a book by China Galland called Longing for Darkness, subtitled Tara and the Black Madonna in which she described her ten-year journey to discover the meaning of darkness in the mysterious black images of divinity. She conducted a deeply personal investigation taking her from New Mexico through Nepal, India, Switzerland, France, Yugoslavia, and Poland - places where gods like Tara, the female Buddha of the Tibetan tradition, and the Black Madonna are venerated today.

I hope she is able soon to visit the totems at Masset where she might find another Black Madonna.


Alex said...

really cool sketch Janice! I was wondering "woaah" that's a face! :) But I really like how you did the shadows and controlling the lighting.

Anonymous said...