Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Oregon - Portland and Sitka Center

walking lots and the public transportation is amazing


at Sitka Center for the Arts - workshops in Travel Journals, Memory Books and Designing with Nature

Friday, June 01, 2007

Memories from Newfoundland

Mary Alice lived in Cow Head all her life. She said "I hates the wind, but I loves the people". Me too. Huge bodies of water are landlocked fresh water, called 'ponds'. Gerry said, "there are no lakes in Newfoundland - a lake is what you get in your rubber boots." Sharon said, "I drops me haitches and they turn up where they're not supposed to be."

Bought this book at the airport and didn't like it much, so I spent the time sketching the cover. I liked it that it was set in Greece.

A day trip to Labrador ... a huge car ferry between St.Barbe and Blanc Sablon, Quebec. A marvelous museum of the great whaling ships at Red Bay.

The local theatre was holding a performance of Elle in French. I bought the book while we were there - wrote about it in my book blog My Reading Diary

A Hot Newfy Iceberg is made with coffee, Screech and ice cream

A new Tim Horton's had opened just two weeks ago in St. Anthony.

At the Grenfell Properties Interpretation Centre, I bought this green silk scarf. Sir Wilfred was a medical missionary in the 1890's.